Our Story


Because history is Tradition since 1955.

Our history was born in 1955 when Nicola Stanescu creates the true Artigianato Fiorentino (Florentine Handcraft).
Ours are not just simple "bags", We do not sell "products", we sell: Leather Art. 

Handcraft is one of the trues Italian heritages, along with its fine arts and food is what sets apart Italy from the rest of the world.

Today the true "made in Italy" has become a precious niche, but its new, smaller reality is what gives it a unique worth. Its products today are a showcase of new heights of a creative and handcraft's skill.
The craftsmanship of our artisans, built through long years, narrates a long uninterrupted history of traditions.  

During the lifetime of four generations, our family has held on to these principles, valuing traditional handcraft with a constant eye to the future. We can update our designs, but never the core values of our products.  

Our Artisans are our contemporary artists, you can see their artwork displayed inside our "Bottega" (our shop) "CLAMORI DI FIRENZE", situated in in Via Porta Rossa 72R a Firenze.

Our Artisans are leather experts, every single bag showcase their dedication and their love for their job 

In 1955 Nicola fell in love with leather art and craft, since then he managed to pass on this love to his sons Andrea, Rossella and Lella (NaiNai), nowadays the love story continues with his nephew Serena and her husband Paolo. 

If you step into our little "Bottega", you will too experience our "love spell", you will smell the true leather scent and see out artworks: each bag is a unique piece!
Stepping into the CLAMORI shop is like a dive into a long lost handcraft past, no bag is exactly the same as the other, each product is unique, an artwork by itself. 
Let the staff and "NaiNai" welcome you in the "Bottega", walk into our little world and you will too fall in love.

Thanks to the quality of our raw materials, starting from the leather to the finishing crafting details, we are now capable of creating Avantgarde products with traditional techniques, while staying true to our values we managed to build a relationship of trust with all our clients and be known in the world as: "QUALITA' D'ECCELLENZA" (Excellence of quality)  

Generation after generation nothing has changed, we still believe that "our bags have a soul: you can feel it by touch and smell, you can see with your own eyes their uniqueness and their worth".
Our family and our Clamori Bags are waiting for you to tell you a small story set in Firenze, our own love story.