We are constantly traveling and expanding.

Today marks a new era for the Clamori family.

With pride, we present our craftsmanship that sets us apart for 68 years and through4 generations. To celebrate this tradition, we have launched an ambitious international project from our historic shop in Florence, located on Via Porta Rossa.

This project is based on the values that have always distinguished us: passion, leather craft, loyalty, and continuous improvement. The combination of our historic shop with the newPORTAROSSA projectrepresents a unique and meaningful identity for us. We want the past, rich in significant moments for humanity, to inspire us to build a present full of new opportunities and stimuli.

We are driven by strong and solid roots that will guide us towards a future where beauty will be at the center of our interests.Beauty and uniqueness are the fundamental valuesthat we want to convey through our handmade creations, and which will remain unchanged over time. Sign up for our newsletter to receive all the updates.

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